Career and Technical Education
Career Advisory Council


Who We Are:

The Career Advisory Council is made up of the Executive committee and five committees which are necessary to run the council. Each committee has their own page which you can get to by click the committee’s title.  Below is a brief description of each committee and their role in the council. 


The Executive “committee” is made up of the Council Chairman, Council Vice Chairman, Council Treasurer, Council Recorder, Council Business/School Liaison, and the Chairs and Assistant Chairs of each Committee. They are the driving force that directs the efforts of the Council and its members. 


The Curriculum Committee assists with providing guest speakers for various events and programs. They are committed to connecting the workplace to the classrooms by bringing in business professionals from various industries to better prepare students for life after high school. 


The Fundraising Committee is responsible for the Council’s signature event, TechFest, which occurs in the spring every year. They orchestrate all aspects involved with the event and are assisted by each of the other committees when possible. 

Job Shadowing / Internship 

The Job Shadowing / Internship Committee plans, organizes, and executes field trips for Juniors to various companies during the school year, giving students more of a glimpse into the technology workplace.  During the second half of the school year, they organize the various aspects necessary for students to apply to, and accept, internships for the summer with companies in various industries. 

Marketing / Membership 

The Marketing / Membership Committee is responsible for the website and other marketing materials used by the Council and its members.  They also handle recruiting new members to ensure the continued growth and success of the Council. 


The Scholarships Committee is responsible for all aspects related to the scholarships and grants that we give out each year. They handle the entire process, from application creation to choosing the best recipient. 

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