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Statistical Section Introduction

This section of the District’s CAFR presents detailed information as a context for understanding what the information in the financial statements, note disclosures, and required supplementary information say about the District’s overall financial health. This information has not been audited by the independent auditor.

Financial Trends

These tables contain trend information to help the reader understand how the District’s financial performance and well-being changed over time.

Table 1 Net Position by Component – Government-Wide Table 2 Changes in Net Position – Primary Government Table 3 Fund Balances – Governmental Funds

Table 4 Changes in Fund Balances – Governmental Funds and Debt Service Ratios

Revenue Capacity

These tables contain information to help the reader assess the District’s significant local revenue sources, the property tax, as well as other revenue sources.

Table 5 Assessed and Estimated Actual Value of Taxable Property Table 6 General Governmental Tax Revenues by Source

Table 7 Property Tax Levies and Collections

Table 8 Direct and Overlapping Property Tax Rates Table 9 Principal Property Taxpayers

Debt Capacity

These tables contain information to help the reader assess the affordability of the District’s current levels of outstanding debt and the District’s ability to issue additional debt in the future.

Table 10 Ratios of Outstanding Debt by Type

Table 11 Direct and Overlapping Governmental Activities Debt Table 12 Legal Debt Margin Information

Table 13 Pledged Revenue Coverage


Economic and Demographic Information

These tables offer economic and demographic indicators to help the reader understand the environment within which the District’s financial activities take place.

Table 14 Demographic and Economic Statistics Table 15 Principal Employers in Pasco County

Operating Information

These tables contain service and infrastructure data to help the reader understand how the information in the District’s financial report relates to the services the District provides and the activities it performs.

Table 16 Number of Personnel Table 17 Teacher Base Salaries Table 18 Operating Statistics

Table 19 School Building Information

Sources: Unless otherwise noted, the information in this section is derived from the District’s comprehensive annual reports for the relevant year.


District School Board of Pasco County

Net Position by Component - Government-Wide Last Ten Fiscal Years


Table 1