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Financial Highlights

Key financial highlights for the 2020-2021 fiscal year is as follows:

Total net position is $565,366,031, which represents a 1.25 percent decrease from the 2019- 2020 fiscal year.

General revenues total $774,530,778, or 86.5 percent of all revenues. Program specific revenues in the form of charges for services, operating grants and contributions, and capital grants and contributions total $121,095,478 or 13.5 percent of all revenues.

Expenses total $902,757,945; only $121,095,478 of these expenses were offset by program revenues, with the remainder paid from general revenues. Total expenses exceed total revenues by


The total combined assigned and unassigned fund balance of the General Fund, representing the fund balance that is spendable and not restricted, totals $87,082,709 at June 30, 2021, or 13.96 percent of total General Fund expenditures. The unassigned fund balance totals $32,921,820 which represents 5.28 percent of total General Fund expenditures.

The assets and deferred outflows of the District exceeded its liabilities and deferred inflows at June 30, 2021, by $565,366,031.

The Business-type activities had total expenditures and loss from disposition of assets of

$7,983,643 which exceed total expenses by $9,367.