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State Revenue Sources

Revenues from State sources for current operations are primarily from the Florida Education Finance Program administered by the Florida Department of Education (“FDOE”) under the provisions of Chapter 1011, Florida Statutes. This revenue is recognized in the year of entitlement. The District files reports on full-time equivalent (“FTE”) student membership with FDOE. The FDOE accumulates information from these reports and calculates the allocation of FEFP funds to the District. The District is permitted to amend its original reporting during specified time periods following the date of original reporting. Such amendments may impact funding allocations for subsequent years. The FDOE may also adjust subsequent fiscal period allocations based upon an audit of the District's compliance in determining and reporting FTE and related data. Normally, such adjustments are treated as reductions or additions of revenue in the year when the adjustments are made.

The State provides financial assistance to administer certain educational programs. State Board of Education rules require that revenue earmarked for certain programs be expended only for the program for which the money is provided, and require that the money not expended as of the close of the fiscal year be carried forward into the following year to be expended for the same educational programs. The FDOE generally requires that these educational program revenues be accounted for in the General Fund. A portion of the fund balance of the General Fund is restricted in the governmental funds financial statements for the unspent balance of categorical and earmarked educational program resources.

The State allocates gross receipts taxes, generally known as Public Education Capital Outlay money, to the District on an annual basis. The District is authorized to expend these funds only upon applying for and receiving an encumbrance authorization from the FDOE. Accordingly, the District recognizes the allocation of Public Education Capital Outlay funds as advanced revenue until such time as an encumbrance authorization is received.

A schedule of revenue from State sources for the current year is further described in Note 16.