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Maintenance Services

This is our Area Specialist crew from left to right: Robert Middleton, Don Kelly, Brian Auclair, Roger Middleton, Jerry Collier, and Scott Moles. This team has worked tirelessly since a pipe burst over Thanksgiving break to remediate a flooded section of our school. Thank you for making Shady Hills Elementary School a priority and getting our students back in their normal classrooms so quickly.

Submitted by Debra Viggiano

Transportation Services

Mr. Bob is our bus driver! Even though we had to have assigned seats, he made sure we sat with nice people and now we have new friends. He keeps his bus so clean, and I really enjoy making sure we all help him keep it clean too. He drives us to school and keeps us safe! This is a picture of me and my siblings happily riding the bus to school!

Submitted by Carter Hadley Margaret Shaw

Richey Elementary School

One thing I always wanted for my son and my daughter is to know that as long as they do their best, they will be able to do anything.
I was petrified when they started pre-K and then my boy went into kindergarten. I was always so afraid of him being scared to fail however, my mind changed one day with something Dilyn brought home that he said, came from his teacher is “always always try your best”.
it’s honestly heartwarming to know that Mrs T (and the other kindergarten teachers) promote the kids to keep trying, even if they first don’t succeed. we all know how hard it is throughout life, but have self motivation and it’s OK to keep going is a great way to start the year.
Then he ends up being part of Richey royalty!!!! So thankful and proud of my boy!

Submitted by Faith Schwanke

Zephyrhills High School

The coaching staff at the high school is amazing! With teenagers you go through it but every coach my son has ever had always put the student first. They check up on him. They are an ear to hear him. They put so much into the kids and come back time and time again.

Submitted by Sarah Apple

Cypress Creek Middle School

I do not attend this school anymore, but I now attend Cypress Creek Highschool. In 8th grade, I had a science teacher, Colin Henningsen. Mr. Henningsen was an EXCELLENT teacher, and deserved so much more respect than what he got. He was so nice, absolutely so awesome!!! He made me remember how much I adored science, especially space! He tought it perfectly, and the students he has now should be so grateful to have him. Mr. Henningsen makes sure the curriculum is taught properly, just as every student needs. I haven't seen him since 8th grade, but I hope he's doing well. I don't have pictures of him, but I'm always wishing him the best.

Submitted by Milana LaVallee

Sanders Memorial Elementary School

My son has had Mrs Ruppe for both 2nd and 3rd grade and he was so happy to have her both years. She is an overall amazing teacher that truly cares and wants the absolute best for her students. He hopes she moves up to 4th grade so he can have her again!

Submitted by Katrina Oney

Schrader Elementary School

I would like to recognize my son’s kindergarten teacher. Mrs. Lacy Bryant is an amazing teacher. My son is very shy and emotional and has separation anxiety. Mrs. Bryant has made him feel loved and secure. He’s so comfortable with her that he absolutely loves going to school. Thank you Mrs. Bryant for being awesome!!

Submitted by Merari Burgos

Wiregrass Elementary School

Nurse Stephanie is the perfect school nurse. We have 3 kids in Wiregrass and she knows exactly how to care for each kid! We appreciate her patience and kindness. You really can't find a better, more loving school nurse!

Submitted by The Shaw Family

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