Students In Transition

Giving a donation is one of the best ways to help the students in our program.  With these donations, we are able to buy grocery gift cards, bus passes, gas cards, provide hygiene kits and school supplies, and provide assistance to allow a kindergartener to attend a field trip or purchase a senior's cap and gown for graduation.

  • $25 buys two weeks' worth of bus passes to support school attendance and parent involvement. 

    • Your help makes it possible for a student to attend school while waiting for a bus route to be established or a parent to attend a teacher conference.
  • $25 buys a backpack full of school supplies. 

    • Thanks to your gift, a student will be prepared to learn at school.
  • $25 is the average amount of a grocery gift card that we give to families.

    • Your generosity allows Mom to go to the grocery store and buy food for dinner.

Monetary Donations

Checks: Please send checks payable to the Pasco Education Foundation with "Students in Transition" noted.  Donations can be mailed to:

Students in Transition Program

7227 Land O Lakes Blvd,

Land O Lakes, FL 34638.


You can also donate online through the Pasco Education Foundation website:

Click on the icon "Donate Now" in the top right corner.  Please adjust the "Intent of your donation" dropdown to "Homeless/Students in Transition"


Item Donations

If you would like to contribute needed items to the Students in Transition Program, please refer to our Wish List for items currently in demand.  Please contact our office to discuss the donation.  

Your donation helps make a difference in our students’ lives. This additional support we provide would not be possible without your generosity. Thank you for helping our students have what they need to be successful in school!


Volunteer Opportunities

If you would like to make a difference in our students' community, here are some volunteer opportunities available through our community partners!


If you would like to support the Students in Transition Program other than the ways listed above, please contact our office.

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