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Our district is divided by residential zones. Visit the Schools Boundaries page to determine for which school your address is zoned.

Please read our Registration Requirements carefully, as some of the content has changed:




Parent involvement during the school year is essential to student success. Please review the following links for more information on maximizing your involvement in your student’s education.

Enrollment Information for All Students

New to Pasco

If your student is a new student to Pasco County, you will need to create or log in to your Parent Portal to access the Online Enrollment Form.

You can create or log into your Parent Portal HERE.

Click HERE for detailed instructions on finding and completing the Online Enrollment form.

Enrollment applications will not be processed until all required documentation is submitted. If you have submitted an enrollment application and need to upload additional documents, please refer to these resubmission instructions.

If enrolling in a charter school, please contact the charter school for their enrollment procedures.

For enrollment of foreign exchange students, please refer to the Foreign Exchange webpage.

Returning to Pasco

If your student was previously enrolled in a Pasco County public school and is returning to Pasco after attending an out-of county or out-of-state school, Pasco County charter school, or a Home Education program, then before enrolling your student, you may need to link them to your Parent Portal.

If you did not previously have a parent portal, you can create one HERE. Once you have created a portal, you will follow instructions for a returning student.

Instructions for linking a student to your Parent Portal can be found HERE.

If your student is linked to your Parent Portal, then instructions on where to access and complete the Returning Student Registration form can be found HERE.  

Please refer to the relevant page below if your student is returning to a Pasco County public school for the following reasons:

Transfer within Pasco

Please refer to the relevant page if your student is transferring from a Pasco County public school to another Pasco County public school for the following reasons:

If your student is transferring for the following reasons, please contact the relevant program, case manager, or school for details regarding the transfer:

Pasco County students rolling to the next grade level do not need to re-enroll for the next grade level at the same school nor if transitioning to the zoned secondary school.

Additional Information


Please review the following link for information on Pre-Kindergarten Services and Programs.
Information on enrolling your current Pre-K student in kindergarten for the 2024 -2025 school year can be found HERE.


The Countdown to Kindergarten will provide information to prepare you and your student for the year ahead.

Click HERE for more information regarding kindergarten registration for the 2024-2025 school year.

School Choice

Visit Pasco Pathways for information regarding school choice applications.

If you applied for school choice for your incoming student, and accepted a seat, you do not need to create another registration. The school of choice will contact you with information regarding your student’s enrollment.

If you applied for school choice, and your student was waitlisted, then your active registration will be routed to your residential zoned school. Your residential zoned school will communicate next steps on registration completion.