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Compensated Absences

Vacation benefits are accrued as a liability as the benefits are earned if the employee’s right to receive compensation is attributable to services already rendered and it is probable that the District will compensate the employees for the benefits through paid time off or some other means. Sick leave benefits are accrued as a liability using the vesting method.

The liability is based on the sick leave accumulated as of June 30, 2021 by those employees who are currently eligible to receive termination payments and those employees to whom it is probable that they will become eligible to receive termination benefits in the future. The criteria for determining the vacation and sick leave liability is derived from Board policy, negotiated agreements, and State law.

The entire compensated absence liability is reported on the government-wide financial statements. For governmental fund financial statements, only the amount payable to employees who terminated their employment as of the end of the fiscal year is reported. The liability at year-end includes salary-related payments such as Social Security, Medicare and Florida Retirement System contributions.

Changes in compensated absences liability for the current year are further described in Note 12.