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Long-Term Debt

Long-term debt obligations that will be financed from resources to be received in the future by governmental funds are reported as liabilities in the government-wide statement of net position. Premiums and discounts on bonds and certificates of participation are deferred and amortized over their respective life using the effective interest method. Bonds and certificates of participation payable are reported net of the applicable premium or discount.

In the governmental fund financial statements, bonds and other long-term obligations are not recognized as liabilities until due. Governmental fund types recognize bond and certificates of participation premiums and discounts, as well as bond issuance costs, during the current period. The face amount of debt issued is reported as other financing sources, while premiums and discounts on debt issuances are reported as other financing sources and uses. Issuance costs, whether or not withheld from the actual debt proceeds received, are reported as debt service expenditures.

Changes in long-term liabilities for the current year are further described in Note 12.