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School health services are public services provided to all Pre-K through 12th-grade students. The school health team comprises registered school nurses, licensed practical nurses, and clinic assistants. The school health team, which the registered school nurse leads, provides the following services but are not limited to: nursing assessments (RN), health evaluation (LPN/clinic assistant), medication administration, management of complex or chronic health conditions, review of records for immunization compliance, management of emergency health needs, health screening, health counseling, identifying medical needs, and coordinate referrals to health care providers. The school health team's primary goal is to promote health and wellness, keeping students in school and ready to learn.


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Parent/guardian, to learn more about the healthcare and other services that are available to your child and to make your informed decision as to whether you will be consenting to the provision of those services, please continue to the Parent Portal


What is the role of the Registered School Nurse? Registered school nurses strengthen and facilitate the educational process by improving and protecting the health status of students by identifying and assisting in eliminating or modifying health-related barriers to learning. These professionals are members of the school-based intervention teams, providing health expertise, guidance, and support and serving as a liaison between school personnel, family, community, and medical providers to advocate for healthcare and a healthy school environment. Registered school nurses delegate and provide guidance to clinic assistants, licensed practical nurses, and other trained staff that provide direct health services to students in the school setting.

Department Contacts:

Amy Ponce, MSN, RN – Supervisor of School Health

Nancy Wilhelm – Secretary for School Health

Phone: 813-794-2360

Fax: 813-794-2117

Revised 07/2024

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