School Health Services
Health Screening

Health screenings are mandated for grade levels specified by Florida statute (381.0056, F.S., 64F-6.003, FAC) and the Florida Department of Health. Additionally, students new to a Florida school in grades kindergarten (KG)-5 will receive vision and hearing screenings. Vision and hearing impairments directly interfere with learning, and deficits may be detected during routine health screenings.

The grade levels for mandated screenings are as follows:

  • Hearing screening - grades KG, 1 and 6
  • Vision screening - grades KG, 1, 3, and 6.
  • Growth and Development screening- grades 1, 3, and 6.
  • Scoliosis screening - grade 6.

Before mandated grade-level screenings, a notification will be sent out to parents/guardians via school messenger, email, social media, written notification, etc.  A Parent/guardian will need to provide consent located in the parent portal for their student to participate in health screenings. 

The school health staff will notify the parent/guardian if their student fails the health screening via a letter, email, or phone call. Upon failing a health screening, it is recommended that your student is seen by the appropriate medical provider to determine if further assessment is warranted. Consult your registered school nurse if you have questions or concerns regarding your student’s screening results.

Note: Consideration for vision and hearing screening should be made for teacher/parent/guardian referral of a suspected problem and for students being evaluated for special education placement.

Revised 12/2022